Accepting Visa
Accepting Visa cards could be the best business decision you ever make.  As one of the world’s leading payment systems, Visa gives you access to a global community of customers — and people spend more when they pay with Visa cards instead of cash.

A secure future
The world is getting smarter — Visa chip cards are already a fact of life for millions of people. If your point-of-sale terminal accepts them, you will benefit from increased security, convenience and flexibility.

The Visa brand is changing
Over the next few years, Visa cards and signage will move to a new, fresh look that is in tune with 21st century life. The revamp will make the Visa symbol more prominent, meaning extra business in your outlet.

Selling safely on-line
Visa is already one of the most popular ways to pay on-line. Now we have created a service that validates on-line transactions and provides merchants with guaranteed payment, making Visa card transactions safer for cardholders and you.

More Information

To make on-line shopping even simpler and safer, a security system called Verified by Visa is being introduced that is being adopted by Internet stores around the world. Use this link to find out more.

Become a Visa merchant

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Accepting chip cards

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