Taking care of your card

Visa cards are the safe way to take care of your spending. Lost cash is gone forever but lost cards can be blocked with a simple telephone call — and replaced fast.

Lost your card?

To avoid even that inconvenience, you can take the following basic precautions:

When you get your card
  • Sign the signature panel immediately
  • If you have been given a PIN (personal identification number) to use at a cash machine or in shops, memorise it — never write it down
  • If you choose your own PIN, or change the one you were given, avoid obvious choices such as your date of bith or telephone number.
  • Do not tell anyone your PIN
At home
  • Keep your sales and cash machine receipts and check them against your card or bank statement
  • If any amount is incorrect or you spot a transaction you did not make, call the bank or other organisation that issued your card immediately
  • Keep a list of your card numbers, along with the telephone numbers you should call if they are lost or stolen
In the shops
  • • Check the sales slip to ensure the amount is correct and the total has been filled in before you sign
  • Make sure the retailer gives the card back to you, along with your copy of the voucher
  • Keep your card close to you — beware of pickpockets
  • Do not leave your card in your car's glove compartment
Telephone and mail order shopping
  • When you place an order over the telephone or by mail, give your card number only if you are confident about the company's reputation.
  • You might be asked for your Visa card security code — the three digits at the end of the card number printed on the signature panel. Give the seller that code but never give your PIN.
More Information
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